Fiona Hood-Stewart
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Fiona Hood-Stewart


She had everything to lose. Now she must risk the only thing worth saving...her heart


Mira Books, September 2003
ISBN 1-55166-728-2

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Sylvia Hansen, newly appointed CEO of Harcourts International, N.Y., is at the top of her game when crisis strikes: a traitor has leaked the decor company's new product line to the competition. Determined to hold on to her hard-won position, Sylvia heads to the London office, where she believes the leak took place.

From the start, Jeremy Warmouth, head of Harcourts' European operations, was opposed to Sylvia's nomination as CEO. Angry at her interference in what he considers his domain, Jeremy challenges her sense of fair play and worse, her self-confidence. But despite their mutual distrust, Sylvia and Jeremy are compelled to join forces, traveling to Miami and South America in an attempt to uncover the source of the leaked collection.

But when a silent stalker declares ware on Sylvia, quitely tormenting her with his knowledge of her past that for year she has desperately kept hidden, she believes her carefully crafted world is about to collapse. Now, if the truth becomes known, will all her achievements and buried dreams be destroyed? Order from amazon read excerpt read reviews

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