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Fiona Hood-Stewart

a novel by Fiona Hood-Stewart

The Journey Home
Mira Books, October 2000

ISBN 1-55166-606-5

They met in the wilds of Scotland, as a winter storm approached. Complete strangers, they were uncannily drawn to one another. India Moncrieff, grief sticken over her mother's sudden death, a woman desperate to hold on to Dunbar House, the majestic family estate. And Jack Buchanan, the American tycoon enchanted by the land, who sees the house as a business opportunity.

Business and passion soon unite them. But shocking revelations will alienate the two lovers in their desperate battle over a legacy neither will surrender. Family secrets and a murder spanning two hundred years have left too many souls lost and alone.

Now it's up to the heart to illuminate the way home.


MIRA Books, October 2000
ISBN 1-55166-505-0

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