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Dear Reader,

It's always fun to be in touch you. So. My MIRA book, SAVANNAH SECRETS, is in bookstores and I always look forward to hearing from readers.

A short holiday recently was a trip to Provence where I attended the 90th birthday of a dear family friend. Then we returned via the Còte d'Azure and stayed a few days, lazing in the sun at the Châteaud de la Chèvre d'Or, in the beautiful medieval fortress at Eze. Wonderfully relaxing, delicious food and perfect weather.

After that whirlwind week, I hopped on another plane to Miami where I stayed with dear friends I hadn't seen in a while, and guess what ladies? cleaned out my storage unit of any junk. I have to say I felt very proud my achievment as its taken me a few years to get around to doing it! Nothing leaves you feeling more energized and ready for action. On my retrun to Switzerland I was lured away on another trip to Deauville, where once again we stayed with our friends David and Sarah in their beautiful home in the village of Falaise near Deauville. And of course we attended the best races of the season and I won a few Euros on a couple of outsiders! Check out my Photo Album for some pictures of me at The Morny Prize. As always we had a blast but now I'm ready to hunker down for the fall.

I'll be in touch soon.

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